Your month in pictures: August 2015

A gathering of your month in pictures, plus handmade projects and WIPs from Mollie Makes magazine

What’s new, crafty cats? Now that the kids are back at school, and we can’t blame extended making time on them, are you thinking up new excuses to spend extra hours in the craft room? ‘Olive wants to make a drinking straw chandelier‘, ‘Toby wants an amigurumi dinosaur‘, ‘Rosie needs a new patchwork pencil case‘ – oh, how the summer holiday flew by! Now we’re back to using golden oldies: ‘I have to tidy my sewing table’ and ‘I’m clearing out the craft cupboard’, both still serving us well.

Our favourite moment this month was when a reader wrote in to say she could finally start enjoying her copies of Mollie Makes again after having a weird pregnancy symptom which made her feel nauseous at the site of the colour mustard (only the Mollie uniform!) and Mollie Makes magazine. Holy gasp, can you believe it? Imagine not being able to pour over pages of crochet projects, designer-maker Q&As, or all the pretty! It was the most random, most hilarious, and most adorable message we have ever received. Thank you for making our day, N.

Looking ahead, in a few weeks we’ll be at The Handmade Fair where Chinelo Bally will be making Kirstie Allsopp a handmade dress in the Mollie Makes tent. Come and join us at The Green at Hampton Court Palace for creative makes, inspiring chats and must-see sellers. You’ll be spoilt for choice! (Discount code for tickets to The Handmade Fair on page 94 of Mollie Makes 57, out now.)

And now for other memorable moments this month. Here’s a look at some of the photographs of crafty projects you’ve made and WIPs from the #molliemakes and #molliemakers hashtag. Thanks for all your comments and posts on TwitterInstagram and Facebook – keep ’em coming.