Moodboard: crochet goodies

Yippee, it’s Crochet Week at Mollie Makes!

Here at Mollie Makes we’re kicking off Crochet Week with a moodboard. With so many innovative ideas, patterns and designs out there, it’s easy to see why this craft is favoured by so many. Give us some yarn and a crochet hook and there’s no stopping us! Behold, our crochet paradise…

On tenterhooks!

[Clockwise from top left] Hannah Moore knows how to get suited and booted – her tux tote says it all. Crochet face scrubbies are great exfoliating pads – who’d have thought? Make a handmade statement with Kat Goldin’s rope scarf kit. Maragaret Oomen from Resurrection Fern makes crochet-covered stones look comfortable enough to sleep on. Use recycled sari silk ribbon yarn for earthy-coloured rugs.


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