My Space: Clementine & Bloom

Using separate spaces for different processes has allowed the ideas of this mother and daughter duo to flourish. Sandra tells us more about their studio and how different spaces allows for creativity

“Inside our outdoor studio. Having separate spaces for different types of processes has been really helpful.”

“I run luxury homeware label Clementine & Bloom with my daughter, Sophie. I studied printed textiles at university, but ended up running a successful construction company for 15 years and Sophie studied embroidery at The Manchester School of Art and worked for Alexander McQueen. We eventually decided to combine our talents and started our company in May 2012.

Our studio is based in our family home – we have a clean area in the house where we sew and package our orders, and a separate studio at the end of the garden for the messy printing jobs. It’s great to have two designated areas as you always know which creative hat to put on, plus it’s also good to have a change of scenery.

“We use this studio desk to paint and draw when starting on new designs.”

We like to surround our space with everything we love – there’s always a new colour or texture to get our creative juices flowing. I’m particularly fond of my book collection; I love flicking through art and travel titles to find new inspiration.

Organisation and storage are particularly important for both of us – we need to be able to find where the other person has left things! We try and keep all our supplies and materials in dedicated storage crates or jars.

“The bookcase holds lots of inspiring items that we’ve found on our travels.”

Ideally I would like a bit more space, a coffee maker and also a sink in the studio. My advice to other designer-makers is to have a studio close to home as you’ll be spending a lot of time there, and make sure it’s a place you will enjoy being in.”

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Kent-based mother and daughter duo Sandra and Sophie Penford create a variety of colourful lampshades, quilts and cushions, all embroidered or printed by hand.