Top tips for selling online

We asked Neil and Sarah, organisers of Design Your Career event, what tips they have for crafters keen to start selling their wares online

Covering social media, photography and more, we find out what Neil and Sarah have learnt about selling online.

Social Media

“Social media is great, but don’t rely on Facebook and Twitter – getting out to craft fairs is still the best way to spread the word. Also, Google+ is improving a lot and it is really well indexed by the Google search engine, so make sure you have a presence there.”

Be Polite

“General good customer service is a must. Try and respond to tweets and emails quickly and politely – this can be hard sometimes!”

Selling Online

“Try all of the online shops you can. There are some very popular ones out there that are really good, but you can get a bit lost in the crowd when you are starting out. If you have a good social media presence (or are famous!) it can be really easy to run your own shop using something like Shopify, Big Cartel or WooCommerce.”

Get Discovered

“People blogging about your work really helps. Every time someone blogs about my work I have spike in sales. However, asking bloggers to write about you can be a real turn-off, so try and chat to them on Twitter for a bit and then they will feel more like they have discovered your work. People found my work on Pinterest before I knew what it was and I got a lot of sales that way.”


“Lastly, this is one I need to get better at: photographing your work. I am terrible at taking photographs, so this year I am going to learn how to do a better job. I really think lifestyle shots work best, with a few pictures of details against a white background.”

Track Your Images

Tineye is a great way of tracking down blogs that have used your images – and you can check whether they have given you a credit!”

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