How to photograph flowers

It’s that time of year – nature’s all a-bloom outside, and our Instagram feeds are filling up with pretty shots of petals, buds and blossom. Taking photos of flowers may sound easy enough – they’re static, and they’re gorgeous already – but there are still some tips you can follow to get your shots looking extra special.


1. Get down low

If you photograph flowers while standing above them, they’ll look pretty but not especially striking – after all, this is the angle we always see them at in real life. To get really interesting shots you need to get down to their level – yes, you’re going to have to get those knees dirty.

2. Invest in a macro lens

Your camera may come with a built-in macro setting, which captures sharp detail in small, close-up objects. But if you have an SLR, you may also want to consider buying a special macro lens that’ll allow you to get incredibly shallow depth of field. Be warned – you’ll have to use a tripod when shooting with one of these, as the tiniest shake can ruin the shot.

3. Clouds are your friends

The best time to shoot flowers is on a cloudy or overcast day, as the sunlight is naturally defused and shadows won’t be sharp. If you must shoot on a sunny day, try to do it very early in the morning or late in the evening.

4. Embrace your florist

Don’t rely on nature to give you the shot you want – pay your local florist a visit instead. You can choose exactly which types and colours you want, reject any wilted blooms, and arrange them as you see fit. Plus you’ll have a gorgeous bouquet to brighten your home with once you’ve finished shooting.


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