Prepping for Christmas – Getting the table ready

Becki Clarke's Tablescape from Mollie Makes issue 99

We’re back with another prepping for Christmas blog post and this one’s all about the dinner table. It’s a chance for you to show off your creative skills and impress guests with some Christmas magic. We’ve collected a bunch of tutorials for you to try so you can make this year a truly handmade Christmas.

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The centrepiece 

DIY Scandinavian Lucia centerpeice

DIY Scandinavian Lucia centrepiece from Calm Moment

A good centrepiece sets the whole atmosphere of the dinner table and makes you the centre of attention. Our pals over at Calm Moment have the lovely Lucia’s tutorial for this Scandi masterpiece. Gorgeous and simplistic, it adds hygge vibes to your home and could be repurposed into a mantelpiece decoration once the big day is over. If you want some more hygge inspo this Christmas, go follow our Pinterest board.

DIY Christmas crackers

Free Christmas cracker DIY

Free Christmas cracker DIY

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a cracker would it? Learn how to make your own with our free tutorial. We’re all about sustainability here at Mollie and making your own crackers is a great way to reduce plastic and cost. Make the crackers from leftover festive wrapping paper or even using the Christmassy papers found in issues 98 and 99! Fill with gifts that are a little more meaningful than the plastic toys found in your traditional crackers – mini candy canes, confetti or little personal notes all make better surprise than a plastic compass…

Table ornaments

Becki Clarke's tablescape ornaments issue 99

Becki Clark’s tablescape ornaments from Mollie Makes issue 99

Decorations are not just for the tree, oh no. We love decorating the table with ornaments to make it look extra special – it’s Christmas after all. Becki Clark shows you how to make these gorgeous baubles in issue 99 and we think they give the table that sparkle it needs. Hang them on your tree for the run up to Christmas and transfer to the table for the big day. Becki’s feature in issue 99 also shows you how to make a complete botanical-inspired tablescape, including hand-decorated plates, cutlery wraps and much more.

Table place names

Rosemary Wreath Placemat DIY by Camille Styles

Rosemary wreath place card DIY by Camille Styles

If you’ve got a big family like us, table place cards can come in handy. Stop the in-laws fighting by placing them at opposite ends of the table with these rosemary wreath place cards. Camille Styles’ tutorial is a festive fave. Not only do they look super chic but they also smell good, hopefully keeping the bickering at bay. You could also repurpose Camille’s tutorial into tree decorations, gift tags or drink charms.

We hope you’ve got another thing checked off the list and are looking forward to the main event. Check out the other blog posts in our series and subscribe to Mollie Makes for even more festive inspiration!