What’s your amigurumi spirit animal?

Take our just-for-fun craft quiz and discover your inner crochet creature…

Which describes you best?

a) I prefer to make things for others. Gifting handmade is the best!

b) If it’s practical it’s on the to-do list.

c)  As long as it’s cute I’ll give it a go.


You’re going on a summer holiday. What’s in your suitcase?

a) Suitcase? I have a capsule wardrobe. Everything I need fits in my backpack.

b) Just the essentials, something to read and something to craft.

c) My camera! But there’s also my just-in-case raincoat, straighteners and makeup bag.


What would you rather?

a) Only being able to knit or crochet with one yarn colour.

b) A year without new craft supplies.

c) This isn’t real. I don’t have to choose.


What kind of crafter are you?

a) The Hoarder. Always at the beginning of a collection, the Hoarder can see a potential make in all things.

b) The Multi-crafter. These guys just love craft. All the craft.

c) The Easily Distracted. Usually in the middle of making several projects, for the Easily Distracted it’s all about what’s new.


You’ve been invited to a maker’s get-together. Do you…

a) Take a gift for the host (that you made by hand, natch)?

b) Write it on the calendar and make a note to take your WIP?

c) Arrive with cake and a tube of glitter glue?


What colour is your hair?

a) Au naturel and proud! Every silver streak has a story.

b) It’s my natural colour but it’s refined 😉

c) Right now I’m in between colours.


I’m way more comfortable in…

a) Jeans and a jumper (this is England). But I love wearing dresses, too.

b) Something comfortable. I wore Converse on my wedding day.

c) Something I can twirl in. Tea dresses and cardigans, forever.



Reindeer amigurumiImage via Craftsy

Mostly A – Woodland Reindeer

You’re a giver. You get a real kick out of treating someone you love to a handmade scarf, crochet blanket or even something small. Newborns are your favourite excuse in the world to get crafty since you can whip up a mini hat and gloves in no time at all. You’re happiest when you’re able to finish one project at a time but, a bit like Monica from Friends, you have a locked cupboard where you keep your secret stash of craft supplies. It’s not locked because it’s yours, but because someone might get hurt if they open the door without supervision. You’re the hostess with the mostess. Whether it’s a bridal shower, baby shower or craft-tea party we’re coming to yours. You’re comfortable with yourself and it shows. Everyone wants to be around you because you radiate happiness. Let’s be friends!

dinosaur amigurumiAmigurumi dinosaur in Mollie Makes 57

Mostly B – Practical Dino

The amigurumi dinosaur is a practical maker and all round creative. You don’t mind what kind of project it is as long as it adds value to your life. You’re pretty awesome at learning new skills. A craft such as weaving or calligraphy has really taken your fancy this year, but you’re devoted to yarn based makes and your love of crochet will never waver. You’re the maker that gets things done. Naturally, you’re also the one who gets inundated with project requests from non-makers. The best thing about your kind is the way you make traditional crafts look modern just by your talent for combining colours. You also love teaching others how to craft (which should help with the project requests) and have a knack for coming up with creative ideas.

Amigurumi unicornImage via ladedahkids.com

Mostly C – Rainbow Unicorn

The amigurumi unicorn is the playful crafter who loves anything colourful and cute. You’ve been know to cry, ‘I love it! What is it?’ and turn up to craft parties with sweet treats for all. You’re not so keen on social media but then you discovered Instagram and now you’re saving up photos for #FloralFriday. You don’t go anywhere without your camera and your friends love this about you (profile pics for everyone!). You have a quirky dress sense: you can pull off almost anything, especially coloured tights and floral dresses. There’s always something on your crafty list of things to make but there’s no strict order to it all, you just do what you love and love what you do. You’re totally invited to our next party. Please come.

No, not me.

Give me a different amigurumi animal spirit, please.


  • Amber

    I find it ironic and sad that you post a photo of a crochet unicorn that costs $70 at a retail store. Could at least link to many actual artists that make and sell their own items.