Seaside props for fun beach photos

Fun DIY and seaside prop ideas step up your beach photos

Who doesn’t love a fun day at the beach? It’s where we embrace our inner child; where we build impressive (ahem) sandcastles and task little ones with collecting pretty seashells to decorate them with. This summer, let’s step up our seaside snaps (and the fun) with giant beach photo props and DIYs. You’re at the beach, so you already have the best photo backdrop, now read our top 10 beach photography tips and stick a few of these props in the camper and we guarantee incredible seaside pics.

Act on your creative impulse: spice it up with jumbo pinwheels, DIY beach balls and pom pom trim paper hats. Scroll down to see more, you’ll totally dig ’em.

Giant pinwheel prop idea for beach photos by Hucklebones

Giant pinwheels for the win! Such a fun prop for your beach photos, if you can make them twirl even better! Image source: Sisters Guild

Beach prop - anchor bunting by Pelemele

You’re going to the beach. How do we know that? You’ve decked the camper with anchor bunting! Image source: Pelemele

Beach photos - photoshoot by Shannon Sewell 2Beach photos - photoshoot by Shannon Sewell

Pimp paper hats with mini pom pom trim. Make some for the whole gang and take a seaside selfie. Image source: Shannon Sewell

Giant balloon prop idea for beach photo by shelldemar

These engagement photos are so sweet. Great beach photo ideas if he proposed by the sea. Image source: Shelldemar

Pretzel pool float

Only in our wildest dreams are there giant foody pool toys. Ah yeah, livin’ the dream… Image source: Urban Outfitters US

Giant-Dropped-Ice-Cream-Prop by Event prop Hire

A beach party wouldn’t be complete without a life-sized melting ice cream. Sadly, the 3-second rule does not apply here. Image source: Event Prop Hire

Beach prop - Squid hat by Obey My Brain

Oh, the fun times we’ll have playing the giant squid monster. The photos will be hilarious! Image source: Obey My Brain

DIY-Painted-Beach-Ball-Makeover by Stuido DIY

Revive your beach ball with a simple DIY. Decorate it in multi-coloured pineapples, geometric shapes or sail boats. Image source: Studio DIY

Beach prop - ice cream pom pom hat by Awon Golding

Of course, we wouldn’t suggest you take the real deal to the beach, but this could be your inspiration for a fine pom pom masterpiece of your own! Image source: Awon Golding

DIY kit by Etsy

A homemade kite is just what we need to perk up our beach pics! Image source: Etsy

Seaside photo booth idea by Diaper Style Memoirs

Can’t make it to the seaside? No problem. Whip up an easy beach scenery and bring the beach indoors. Image source: Diaper Style Memoirs