Sewing tips from The Great British Sewing Bee judge, May Martin

It’s the night we sewing junkies have been waiting for: The Great British Sewing Bee is on tonight at 8PM, BBC Two

Tonight marks the first of a whole lot of Tuesday nights in for many crafters in Britain. Even if you’re new to all this sewing business, don’t worry, help is at hand. We catch up with one GBSB judge, May Martin, to find out what tips she has for novice sewists.

Keep it simple

“Don’t be too ambitious with your first projects. The simple projects are completed quickly and you can move on to the next exciting challenge!”

Buddy up

“Sew with like-minded friends or family, particularly when making clothes. It’s good to have another pair of hands for fitting.”

Practice makes perfect

“The more you sew the better it gets. It does not have to be perfect first time.”

A place to sew

“Find somewhere with good light and a comfortable table and chair – you will be there for a while!”

Get the right equipment

“Rusty pins and blunt scissors make sewing difficult, so invest in a good sewing kit.”

Your machine matters

“Don’t be tempted by the cheap sewing machines from catalogues or supermarkets. Ask around friends and family and see if there is a machine hiding in a cupboard that can be serviced and brought back into use. Failing this, go to a sewing machine shop and ask for advice and a demonstration.”

Tidy as you go

“Press (using a steam iron) and neaten (using a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine) as you construct your project. Trying to press seams and neaten edges at the end of a project is much more difficult.”


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