Stitch 'a' long

We all know stitching is as old as the hills. Not only does it have its place in the record books through the making of garment essentials but it has a firm place in history as a decorative art.

Through many a stitch, some of the greatest pieces of artwork the world over have been created by talented stitchers. What we really find exciting is the trend to replicate absolutely anything through stitches, with nothing too strange to put a needle to. How lovely is the simplicity of this paper plane project created by the girl herself Little Lovelies By Allison





This little light and airy project has been created on scrap material using back stitch and we think you’ll agree it’s lovely. Paper planes really evoke childhood memories don’t they?


All together.

Pop over to see Allison, she would love to see you, and you will love her other projects especially if you are paper crafty!