Thrifty Thursday: Notebook cover

Cheap, chic and incredibly cute. Today’s thrifty make is the brainwave of Mary Jane Baxter, author of Chic on a Shoestring. With the help of a colour photocopier and a piece of her hand-stitched patchwork, Mary’s created this crafty notebook cover…

Mary’s just photocopied some work in progress patchwork and used it to cover an otherwise plain notebook. Which is a nice way to make the most of the quilt, before it’s even finished! We can’t help but think of the possibilities for this… cute matching office stationery with the textile touch, tiny gifts wrapped with original designs. You could copy embroideries and vintage fabrics and have so much fun around the home.

To see more of Mary Jane’s thrifty ideas and her adventures in craft, visit the Mary Jame Makes blog.