Thrifty Thursdays: Host your own craft weekend

Though we love running about town seeking out creative adventures, sometimes home comforts are just the ticket. With winter on us and cash spread a little thin, it’s the perfect time to get your trackie bums on, dig out your existing supplies and host your own craft weekend. Just what we did last weekend in fact! Read on for our top tips.

Clear a space Pretty obvs, but give yourselves plenty of room to make a mess. Clear a dining room or kitchen table and pull up a chair.

Gather your materials Have a think about what you want to make in the run-up to your craft day and put a little kit together so you’re not carting around your entire craft stash at once. You’ll get tons more done this way too as the decision-making process gets reduced drastically!

Snacks and drinks The Margarita picture is not a mistake! Craft and be (a little) merry. Bowls of crisps, popcorn or biscuits greatly ease those moments of creative block.

Share ideas Make the most of having all your buddies on hand, and ask their opinions on your project. Two heads are better etc – just think of the possibilities with 4 or 5 🙂

Share skills Take it a step further and teach each other some new techniques. We had stitchers and papercrafters on hand using everything from eyelet setting to heat embossing. Learn some tricks!

Playlists rule Create an atmosphere with music. We had a mixture of CDs from our Uni days on for added hilarity. You could try a making theme, but we’re stumped after Kraftwerk… suggestions?