Tips for adding inspirational quotes to your photos

Make motivational quotes with your photos and create your own source of inspiration Here at Mollie Makes HQ we have an inspiration wall – well, it’s a pillar really – that we cover with all sorts of things to coo over including pom poms, illustrations, heart-shaped tea bags (yup!) and of course, inspirational quotes. As well as our Pillar of Inspiration we also have a feed of motivational sayings posted by you guys on Instagram and Pinterest.

But if you’re looking to print or share your own nuggets of wisdom then use your creative photos as a backdrop. Here are four things to consider when designing your own inspirational quotes: photography, positioning, fonts and colour.

Image Source

1. Photograph
Use portrait images as a background: there’s more space to work with especially if your quote is a bit wordy, plus they’re great for sharing on Pinterest. Old pictures can be cropped to size or take the photograph with the inspirational quote in mind. Leave plenty of space around your focal point. Remember: you can always zoom in.

Image Source: [Clockwise from top-left] 1. Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries 2. I Was Meant To Sparkle 3. Always Be Proud Of Yourself 4. The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe…

2. Positioning
It’s all about legibility. Find a natural area on the photo where you can overlay the text. Play around with rotation or create a sense of mystery by placing the text over your focal point.

Image Source: [Clockwise from top-left] 1. Be Always Blooming 2. Adventure Awaits Go Find It 3. The Best Is Yet To Come 4. Not All Who Wander Are Lost

3. Fonts
Choose a font that complements the personality of your photograph – unless of course you’re going for a contrasting effect. Some inspirational quotes include more than one font in different sizes or add decoration such as floral motifs, dotted lines and more. Some photo editing apps have motifs you can choose from. Have a play with drop shadows, text transparency and the angle.

Image source

4. Colour
Colour can be the trickiest part of putting together an inspirational quote. Most quotes look fine in black or white text, but you can use colour to make specific words stand out. Think about contrasting colours like blue and yellow or complementary colours such as red and green. It can also be quite effective to use a colour for words that create a whole other meaning within the quote.

All that’s left is to print our designs or share them on Instagram and Pinterest, heck we might just pop them on Facebook and Twitter too. Tag your quotes #molliemakes so we can stick them to our Pillar of Inspiration too x

Where to find quotes?
Not got a favourite quote? Find words that resonate with you on Good Reads, Brainy Quote or The Quote Garden