Top dogs of Instagram

Dogs on Instagram | Mono the border collie

A look at our favourite crafty dogs on Instagram 

Following similar people who have similar interests can turn your feed into a creative, uninspired blur. We think a good way to avoid this is to let a bit of obscurity into your IG world. Whether it’s architecture if you’re interested in sewing, or papercraft if you’re a hardcore knitter, letting something out of the ordinary grab you can lead to a different way of thinking and exciting creative mashups.

Pictures of dogs on Instagram

This is why we follow dogs on Instagram! Of course, at the top of the inspiration list will always be cupcakes, tea cups, stacks of fabrics and crochet anything for us, but at the moment a pet selfie is just the distraction we need for a creative shake up. Following some of these cuties on Instagram has transformed our personal feeds and helped us consume beauty consciously. Plus they’re perfectly adorable, funny, and make our heads tilt.

If you have a crafty pet be sure to send us pics using #molliemakers!

@thiswildidea 3 @thiswildidea 2 Dogs on Instagraam | @thiswildidea

@thiswildidea, “This is the song we sing.”

Dogs on Instagram | Mono the border collie

@andrewknapp 3 @andrewknapp 2

@andrewknapp, “Momo, that border collie who plays hide and seek, his life and mine and hopefully yours.”

Dogs on Instagram | @dog_dada

@dog_dada 3 @dog_dada 2

@dog_dada, “I’m a dog. I want to put a smile on your face!”

Dogs on Instagram | @jermzlee

@jermzlee 3 @jermzlee 2

@jermzlee, ” I’m the guy with the pug.”

Dog on Instagram | @ifitwags.

@ifitwags 2 @ifitwags 3

@ifitwags, “”

And then there’s this little guy…

Dog bowtie project | Mollie Makes 46

… featured in Mollie Makes 46. Learn how to sew a doggie bow tie with Rachelle Blondel and knit a pug jumper with Wool and The Gang (turn to page 87 to get the link for the free pattern).

Free Wool And The Gang pug sweater pattern in Mollie Makes 46

Who do you find most inspiring? Tell us in the comments below or on Instagram.