Top tips for crafty businesses

Designer-makers Annie Watts and Zoe Larkins offer their advice for going it alone in the craft world

Zoe Larkins is the gal behind handmade accessory brand Love From Hetty & Dave. Meanwhile, designer Annie Watts runs Wattsolak, creating and selling her own super-cool knitting patterns. Here’s their advice for budding creative entrepreneurs:

Zoe suggests saving on costs: “I don’t think there’s any need to spend a fortune on a fancy website or marketing – there are so many free, brilliant social-networking tools online. A good place to start selling online is Etsy or Folksy since you are part of a community. But for a standalone type of site, I’d recommend Big Cartel. It’s low-cost, easy to run and can be customised to suit your brand”

You should also do your market research: “Setting up a stall at your local vintage or secondhand market is a great way to find out what people are buying and how much they’ll spend. It’s the perfect place for research,” says Zoe.

Community support is also important, as Annie explains: “One thing I didn’t consider much when I first started was the importance of a support circle. I have found a great group of gals who I can trust, from my tried and true test knitters to my like-minded friends who are good for bouncing ideas off of.” Honesty is a key factor too: “Make sure you have folks who feel comfortable being honest with you! Friends who will tell you when your stuff sucks are indispensable,” concludes Annie.

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Image © LadyGane