Sewing pattern: How to sew pocket heat packs

Pocket heat packs

With the temperature dipping below freezing, beat the chill with these pocket heat packs 

Pocket heat packs

Mini fabric pocket heat packs are super-cute and easy to make. What’s more, they’ll keep your hands so toasty, you will never want to leave home without them!

You will need:

• 4 x 12cm (4.72″) squares of fabric

• 200g rice

• A handful of lavender (or other dried, scented flowers)

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pocket heat packs

Step one

Place two fabric squares together (right sides facing) and stitch around the perimeter, 1cm (0.39″) from the edge. Leave a 3cm (1.18″) gap to turn. Run a zigzag stitch around the seam allowance to secure raw edges.

pocket heat packs

Step two

Clip the corners and turn right side out. Fashion a funnel out of paper and insert the nozzle into the opening. Fill the pack with rice and some dried lavender until it’s almost full.

pocket heat packs

Step three

Sew the opening shut with small, neat stitches. Make a second heat pack.


To use

Warm your pocket heat packs in the microwave. Gradually build the temperature in 30-second blocks so you don’t overheat them.


Designed by Leanne Garrity, these pocket heat packs originally featured in Gathered by Mollie Makes issue 4.


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