A quick Christmas banner

We know, we know. We’re not even in December yet, but let’s give ourselves plenty of time to get our Christmas projects finished, before it’s actually upon us.

Today’s blog post comes to you from the lovely Jenny Warner, who appeared in Mollie Makes issue 6’s My Space. She’s put together a tutorial for a Christmas version of the banner featured on that page. Over to you Jenny…

I tend to use only vintage things for most of my makes. It’s usually very cheap and I have plenty of old things in our house! But you could easily use last year’s Christmas cards or nice wrapping paper backed with thin card. I used an old, thrifted Ladybird book for this banner. You’ll see if you look at my Flickr stream that I’m always trying to make things the quickest way possible and I hate measuring!





Christmas banner


An old book or cards – Ladybird books are a perfect size

Old scissors (not your best ones because they will become blunt)

Fine or baby ribbon

A regular hole punch

Step 2: Carefully remove the pages you wish to use (I only use the pretty ones!) bring the bottom edges of the page together and gently press a small fold halfway on the bottom edge (don’t fold the page in half as there will be a crease in the middle of your flag) – this will be the point of your triangle for each flag.

Step 3: Then follow this fold up to each corner (these will then be the top corners of your triangle). Cut along the two fold lines. 

Step 4: You should find that each flag neatly fits into a regular hole punch so make holes in each one.

Step 5: Weave your ribbon in and out and, ta-dah!  All done – and it couldn’t be easier.

Thanks Jenny – we love a quick project. You can catch up with all her news at thecustards.blogspot.com.