Christmas origami decoration

Vintage papers come into their own with this sweet and delicate demo. Today’s guest-blogger, Sarah Fielke is primarily a quilter, teacher and fabric designer with three books to her name including Material Obsession, but like most of us, she dabbles in a few crafts.

This one makes the most of old books – or you could even use Christmas wrapping paper.

“Hello! I thought maybe you would all like to learn how to make this. I mean who wouldn’t, right? My friend Peta showed everyone in my class how to do this a few weeks ago. You won’t believe how easy it is, my 11-year-old made this one for his teacher for Christmas.”

You will need:

An old book or some old sheet music (or any paper suitable for origami)
A piece of string or ribbon to hang it with
A hot glue gun

First, cut the book apart, this is easiest using using your rotary cutter. Cut the pages into squares. I used 3 1/2″ squares, which resulted in a ball about 6″ in diameter.

Take a square and fold it in half on one diagonal.

Fold an outside corner up to meet the top corner.

Repeat with the other side.

Open the fold up along one side and press it open and flat. Fold the top of the corner back.

Repeat with the other side.

Fold the sides in to form a square again.
Make 6!

Next, run some hot glue down the outside of one of the squares. Turn the other edge around to meet it and press gently, so you don’t make a crease. This is one petal. Make 6.

When you have 6 petals, run the glue gun down the side of one petal, and stick another one to it, matching the creases and the bottom points. Make 3 pairs.

Run the glue gun down the side of one of the pairs and stick another one to it.

To complete the flower, run the glue gun down both side of the last pair of petals and press them into the other two pairs. Make sure that the points all meet at the bottom. This is a completed flower. I made 12 flowers to fit into the ball – you’ll find that they fit together between the flowers like a puzzle, and as long as you match the points of the flowers up they will make a ball very easily.

Before you glue the last flower in, run some glue along the side from the middle out and add a piece of ribbon or string to hand the ball from, then glue the last flower in. These are a little time consuming but totally worth it!”

Thank you Sarah! You can keep up with Sarah’s latest at her gorgeous blog, The Last Piece.