Crochet flower projects

crochet flower projects

Crochet flower projects: We LOVE making crochet flowers, but what to do with the finished article? Plenty of tutorial ideas await you

crochet flower projects

Learn to crochet a flower in this tutorial, then pick one of these crochet flower projects.

[Clockwise from top-left] 1. Festive and beautiful, these flower garlands by Ing Things would make great Christmas decorations. 2. Make ’em small – perfect for a sweet necklace. Tutorial by Created in Awe. 3. You’ll need around 200 crochet flowers for this gorgeous blanket by The Flower Bed.

4. Go wild: wreaths can be made of anything, yarn flowers included. This tutorial is by Attic 24. 5. Embellish an old cardigan with a new neckline of woolly flora. Tutorial by Oikos Handmade. 6. Match your marigolds to this crochet flower scourer and make washing up a bed of roses. Tutorial by Mark and Francine.

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