How to make fabric fortune cookies

As the Chinese Year of the Dragon enters, how about this for a quick and fun tutorial? These tiny fabric fortune cookies are perfect for secret messages, love notes, good luck tokens or just for fun… A great addition to children’s lunch boxes on birthdays too, the list is endless. We’ve invited Liz Havartine from Lady Havartine blog to share her fabric fortune cookie tutorial with you… Over to Liz…

“I originally designed this tutorial for a competition on Sew Mama Sew, but I missed the closing date. Anyway the real motivation for me to enter things like that is to share with people who don’t ordinarily read my blog, not to win. So in the continued spirit of not winning anything I present you with my fabric fortune cookie tutorial,” says Liz.

You will need:

• a 5 inch square of cotton fabric for the outside of your cookie

• a 5 inch square of felt for the inside

• a circle to trace, one with a diameter of about 4.5 inches (I use an old paint can)

• pinking shears

• a slip of paper, about .5″ by 2.5″ for your fortune

Trace a circle onto both your cotton fabric and your felt using a paint can or other circular template. Then cut both circles out.

Lay the cotton on top of the felt, right side up, and line up the edges. Sew a half inch seam around the entire circle. I use my walking foot for this but you don’t have to.

Use your pinking shears to trim the raw edge all the way around the circle, leaving about a quarter inch of fabric.

Fold the circle in half with the cotton side together, felt on the outside. Sew about an inch seam down the middle, not sewing to the edge of either side of the half circle. Be sure to back stitch a few times.

Flip the cookie open and adjust the folds until it looks right.

Before you give it to someone be sure to write a fortune on a slip of paper and stick it inside. I like to use pretty origami paper that is blank on the back. Another idea is to string a piece of ribbon through the centre of the cookie and use it as a special gift tag decoration.

Thanks, Liz. That is one cute cookie. So simple to make, and great timing for the Chinese New Year.

To find out more about Liz Havartine you can visit her blog Lady Havartine.

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