DIY gift: Fairy walnut presents

Keep the magic of Christmas going that little bit longer for the tiny tots in your life with this sparkly and sweet idea from Helen Bird over at Curly Birds. Hiding a present inside a walnut means a little effort for a big impact – these are the moments that stick in a child’s festive memories. Too cute not to share. Over to you Helen!

My blog is devoted to crafts for children and the art of play. The blog and small line of children’s play accessories are aptly named for my sweet, curly-haired twin girls. I put these sweet walnut presents into the bottom of my girls’ (and their cousins) stockings this year. They’re a little magic and ever so special.

To make some yourself: place walnuts on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Let them cool down slightly and pry open with a butter knife.

Add some glitter for a festive feel. Just paint with a thin layer of PVA and sprinkle the glitter in. Leave to dry.

Cut an oval shaped piece of felt and fill with the loveliest tiny thing you can find. Our girls opened their walnuts and find pretty fairy necklaces.

Close the walnut back up and secure with a ribbon. Then hide it somewhere for your little one to find.

Thanks Helen! Lovely idea. How about placing it under your kid’s pillow maybe? Or make a special place-setting out of it at the dinner table for the next family get-together.

Keep up with Helen over at Curly Birds and peruse her gorgeous Etsy shop too.