How to make a simple felt iPad cover

If you’re the proud owner of an ipad, a kindle or any type of smartphone, you’ll know even gadgets need a bit of tender loving care. And being as we love just about any kind of cosy here at Mollie Makes, how about this sweet and practical felt ipad cover, designed by Stefanie and Erin from Oh So Lovely Vintage. They’re co-hosting the blog today to show you how to make this felt gadget case. It’s the only way to accessorise your ipad, apart from a digital edition of Mollie Makes, that is…

Welcome to Stefanie Hiebert and Erin Thiessen from Oh So Lovely Vintage. Over to you, ladies…

We made this DIY specifically for an Ipad, but it would be great for a Kindle, or your phone or even a laptop. It’s really easy to make and needs only basic sewing skills… Enjoy!

You will need
A piece of thick felt 19″ long and 10.5″ wide
A pair of good scissors
A sewing machine (very basic skills required!)
Needle & thread (that matches the felt)
2 buttons
Embroidery floss (that matches buttons)
4 black snaps (2 complete snaps)
2 pins

Place your Ipad on felt and fold the felt up to the top of the Ipad, and make a mark with your pen, leaving 3 inches at the top for a flap.

Next fold the flap down, take your spool of thread and trace scallops along the bottom edge.

Then simply cut out your traced scallops, and don’t worry if your scallops aren’t perfect, it’s almost cuter that way!

Now go to your sewing machine, pin the felt and do a really basic stitched straight line on either side, as close to the edge as possible. Don’t forget to reverse stitch at the end!

Your stitched lines should look something like this:

  Next sew on your snaps. Two on the inside of the flap, at the bottom of the scallops, and then carefully line up the snaps to meet, make a dot with your pen and sew on the other two. Make sure they meet up at the right spot!

Sew on your two buttons, and don’t forget to match the thread! Sew the buttons 1″ apart from each other.

Now take an 8″ piece of embroidery floss and make a loop around the buttons and tie a knot. Then make your best Sunday school figure 8 around the buttons to close it up! Enjoy!


Thanks, Erin and Stefanie for this cute idea. Our ipads and kindles will be sleeping soundly tonight in their cosies.

If you’d like to know more about Erin and Stefanie, visit Oh So Lovely Vintage, for a feast of retro inspiration and general gorgeousness.