How to make folk-style fabric hearts

A little bit Swiss chalet, a little bit ‘dia de los muertos’, and a little bit gingerbread cottage – we totally heart this folk style. We’ve invited Hannah Kopacz from Made with Love by Hannah to share her unique style with you. Learn how to make these felt hearts with their cool ric rac flowers…

Meet Hannah Kopacz, she’s here to share and inspire you with her quirky folk style… Over to you Hannah!

Everything’s a little cuter when it’s heart-shaped. Even cookies taste a little sweeter! I’m in love with the heart-shaped treats found at European markets, in particular gingerbread hearts (Lebkuckenherz) and honeycakes (mezeskalacs). Besides the adorable shape, it’s the icing which gives them a special place in my heart.

I made the hearts above out of brown felt and lightly stuffed them. These ones measure about 7?x7?. I used ric rac for the icing on the edge, and made some mini ric rac flowers for the decorations, which I’m going to show you how to make in a moment…

Ribbon flowers would also look cute, and you could even add some writing if that tickles your fancy. I strung some jumbo pom poms on baby ric rac to hang with them because I thought it looked extra festive!

These red hearts hang up all year round in my house! I love the red icing and the little mirror in the centre – I use a small square of tiny foil for this. For the swirled yellow icing I curled chenille pipe cleaners.

These are super fast and easy to make, even for someone like me who has little patience for hand stitching! Bear in mind that these ones are full sized flower brooches and for the hearts you only need small ones, and you may get away with using scraps of ric rac you have tucked away…

The ric rac flowers are based on part of a ric rac wallhanging project from the book ‘Creative crafts & Stitchery’ (1976). In the original project, the shirred ric rac was glued to a cardboard base but I’ve modified it by sewing the ric rac to a felt backing to make it more wearable.

To make the ric-rac flowers

For the backing to the flowers, use two layers of felt cut into circles. Then use small running stitch to shirr the ric rac by stitching in and out at the bottom of each V, gathering and sewing down to the felt backing as you go along.

Just work round in a circle, moving towards the centre of the flower as shown. I found that soft, cotton ric rac is easier to work with than the stiffer poly ric rac. This would be a great project to use up all of those packages of vintage ric rac that are too fragile to use on clothing!

Finish up the centre of the flower with a pom pom (or maybe three depending on the size of your flower!) and sew on a brooch back if you are making a brooch. Or use the ric rac flower to decorate your felt heart. The next flower I make, I think I’ll sew a cute button in the center. Ooh, or maybe a flashy acrylic gem!

The brooch I’ve shown you how to make is much larger than the ones you’ll need to attach to the felt hearts. But, as a guide, the medium sized light green one measures about 2¼” wide and used about 2 yards of size 29 ric rac.

Thanks, Hannah, we think the hearts and the brooches look fantastic. We’ll certainly be trying these out. And by the way, we think the hearts would look rather scrummy paired with our cuckoo clock embroidery from issue 11. 

If you want to see more of Hannah’s work and coo over her amazing clothing range, you can visit her store Made with Love by Hannah, or keep in touch via Hannah’s blog.