How to make homemade washi tape

Washi tape – the pretty fabric sticky stuff from Japan. We love and covet a collection of this pretty masking tape, but it’s not always available in the prints or colours you might want, so when we saw this super-easy tutorial from the girls at A Spoonful of Sugar, we asked them to share it with us…

Washi tape is a decorative fabric tape which you can use to pretty up basic gift wrap or create adorable designs. We’ll hand over to Lisa and Sarah from A Spoonful of Sugar to show you how to make the tape – it couldn’t be easier really!

“Ever since I saw washi tape, I’ve been itching to make my own,” explains Lisa. “And it is this easy…”

You will need: double-sided sticky tape, your choice of fabric / or printed paper, some cardboard tube, ribbon or twist ties

Take strips of double-side tape, peel off one side of the backing paper on the tape and apply in rows to your fabric or chosen paper.

Then using a steady hand a pair of very sharp scissors, cut precisely around the strips of tape, so you are left with fabric backed tape. Reel your home-made tape around small sections of cardboard roll and tie with twist ties or ribbon to keep the tape secure on the roll.

We love using our washi tape when we’re gift wrapping…

And it’s a great way to decorate wooden pegs – useful for gift tags, hanging pictures – not just clothes, you know!

We love the idea of decorating with washi tape. And it’s such a handy way to use up fabric or even paper scraps. Thanks to the Spoonful of Sugar girls for sharing this with us. We can’t wait to try it on some vintage scraps that are too small for a sewing project, but too nice to throw away. Perfect idea.

You can see more of Lisa and Sarah’s projects over on their blog – A Spoonful of Sugar.

  • This is so simple and effective. I would love wider washi tape so this would work a treat with wider ribbon. Thank you.