What to do with leftover yarn: Leftover yarn projects

Having a craft cupboard clear-out? Then you’ll need a few ideas for leftover yarn projects

It feels so wrong to bin yarn leftovers, doesn’t it? Give them a second life with one of these leftover yarn projects.

[Clockwise from top-left] 1. Wrap a branch in yarn for a colourful, striped decoration. By Oh Sweet Babies! 2. We love this modern geometric tapestry by The Smallest Forest. 3. Is it Easter yet? This little bunnies think so, and who are we to argue? By Webs Yarn Store.

4. Dolls need hoodies too. By Morehouse Merino. 5. These Teeny Knits make perfect accessories. By Amanda Berry. 6. Too much? We reckon you could pull it off. Make your own pom pom dress by attaching large poms to a contrasting dress.

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