How to make a sewing machine cover

New Year, new style for your trusted sewing machine. Not the prettiest of craft room accessories, but with a made-to-measure sewing machine cover, your old friend can be transformed from frumpy accessory to a thing of beauty you’ll want on display. And if it’s on display, you’ll use it more, which is, come to think of it, a great New Year’s Resolution… Over to Candace Todd from Sparkle Power to show you how to make this thrifty sewing machine cover…

This slip cover for your sewing machine will turn your so-so sewing machine into a stylish accessory for your craft room and it is super-simple to make.

First step is to measure your machine. Measure how long you need the cover to be. Take a measurement from the bottom front to the bottom back of the machine. Mine measured 25 inches.

Then take a measurement of the width of your machine. Mine was 15 inches.

Next you cut different fabrics into various widths. Add half an inch to your length measurement and make sure that the fabric strips are all at least that long.

Then sew them together and make sure that they are at least your width length plus half an inch.

Okay, so you’re going to add a half inch onto both your measurements and this is what size you want your pieced fabric to be. In my case it was 25.5 x 15.5 inches. Cut it down to be that size.

You are also going to cut a piece of backing fabric in the same size. Cut this now. You’ll also need to cut four pieces of ribbon, each measuring 10 inches long.

With your top piece laying right side up, pin your ribbon about 5 inches from the corner.

Do this four times, as shown.

Next, place your backing fabric wrong side up on top of the top piece and pin around the edges. (Although it really doesn’t look like it, I promise that fabric is wrong side up in the photo.) Take it to the sewing machine and sew around all of the edges, leaving a 4 inch opening on the back short end.

Remove the pins. Trim the corners and flip it right side out.

Iron around the edges and tuck the open end in. Pin the opening together and top stitch all the way around close to the edge of the fabric.

Finally dress your sewing machine, step back and smile!

We love it. Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us, Candace.

You can keep read more about Candace Todd on her Sparkle Power blog, or why not take a look at her Sparkle Power etsy shop to see more of her work.