How to make tiny notebooks

Tiny scraps of paper can be transformed into mini notebooks, which are perfect to pop in your purse. We all have to own up the fact that we’ve collected piles of paper which are too special for wrapping presents, but we knew would come in handy one day. Try making these diddy notebooks, designed by Amy Karol, author of Break the Rules Sewing. Click over the page to find out more…

Amy Karol first featured these on her Angry Chicken blog. She came up with the idea of these tiny books to amuse her daughters who are into writing stories and colouring.

They take minutes to make. Amy explains, “All you need to do to make these tiny notepads is cut and fold your paper, assembly line style, and then just run them though your sewing machine with a long stitch. Simply tie a double knot and trim the thread. The smallest books can be stapled.”

Amy uses old scrap paper she has saved, and the books can be all different sizes, depending on what she has to hand.

We think they’re adorable. These little notepads can easily become tiny treasures, or simply used as pretty gifts to slip in with a birthday card. Totally handy for any occasion, you should always have one of these tucked away in your handbag.

If you’d like to find out more about Amy Karol, visit her blog Angry Chicken or the Amy Karol website.