Ultra thin wedding bands

If your wedding band cost more than £75 then you, friend, have a pricer ring than these celebrities! Following a trip to a well-known jeweller, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher opted for the thrifty life, finding their wedding bands on Etsy and spending no more than £75 ($100) each.

In a recent interview on CONAN ( TBS), Mila explains how she wanted “the thinnest possible Platinum band” but found the high street overpriced, so she bought hers on Etsy. That’s right, ladies, she’s one of us! What we really want to know is: how many hours of scouring Etsy did it take for her to find it?

Inspired by her choice to go for an ultra thin wedding band, we shopped around to find what we think brides-to-be, going for Mila-chic, would love. Here’s a look at the prettiest thin wedding rings by designer-makers.

Ultra thin wedding band 1

[Clockwise from top-left] 1. Twist ring by Shop Clementine. 2. Sweet heart ring by OXX Jewellery. 3. Platinum 950 thin spacer ring by Diorrah Jewellery. 4. Stitch ‘n’ Stack ring (18K gold) by Ebba Goring. 5. Gold wedding band by Bottle Bee. 6. Sula wedding band with diamond by Peculiar Vintage.

Ultra thin wedding bands inspired by Mila Kunis