Valentine’s Day cross stitch chart by Sally Wilson

valentine's day cross stitch

Happy Valentine’s Day makers! We’ve got a little project for you – think of it as our V-day gift from us to you. This love heart cross stitch project is by the lovely Sally Wilson of Caterpillar Cross Stitch. She won Cross Stitch Designer of the Year 2019, so we’re honoured to have her here on our blog.

Print Sally’s PDF chart below and get stitching this Valentine’s Day cross stitch pattern for whoever you love!

Valentine’s Day cross stitch materials

  • Valentine’s Day chart, download here
  • DMC stranded cotton (colours and lengths shown in pattern key)
  • Aida fabric (sizes shown in pattern)
  • Cross stitch needle (should have a blunt end, not sharp)
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery hoop (optional)


valentine's day cross stitch - sally wilsons patternStep 1

First, choose which kind of fabric you’d like to stitch on. The most popular (and easiest) to work on is 14-count aida, so grab yourself a piece of that in any colour and start in the middle.

Step 2

You can see the seven different shades of DMC embroidery thread that I’ve designed with, but you can substitute these for any brand or shades you like. If you prefer to stitch in a hoop, this little ‘Bundle of Love’ pattern will fit nicely inside a 15cm (6″) hoop or frame.

Step 3

Check the pattern for where the vertical and horizontal red lines cross – that’s the centre. So the first thread colour you’ll start stitching with is DMC 3838 (blue) for the middle of the bow. It’s always easiest to start in the centre, and then stitch outwards.

Step 4

Cross stitch threads come in strands of six, so you’ll need to separate out a length of thread into three lots of two strands. Cut the thread into easy to manage lengths (around 50cm (19 3/4″)) and thread the needle with just two strands. There’s no need to tie a knot in the thread, just leave a loose tail of around 10cm (4″) and weave this in under the stitches later. For other methods of starting your stitching, head over to our YouTube channel.

Step 5

Starting at the centre of the fabric, push the needle from the back to the front, through a hole in the bottom left corner of a square. Come down through the top right corner to create the first arm of the stitch. To complete the cross stitch, come back up through the top left corner and down through the bottom right corner. You can work in rows going up or across – whatever takes your fancy.

Step 6

Make sure the top arms of the stitches all run in the same direction to give a uniform look. Just think of it as painting by numbers, but with thread!

Step 7

When you have only 10cm (4″) or so of thread left, run the needle underneath three or four completed stitches on the back of the fabric to secure it, and then neatly trim the loose end. Repeat stitching, following the pattern and changing thread shades as you go, until you’ve finished the piece.

Step 8

When your gorgeous Valentine’s Day cross stitch is complete, remove any creases by ironing the fabric using a medium heat, placing it face down between two damp tea towels. You could turn it into a little cushion or patch it onto a card.

valentine's day cross stitch - Sally wilsonAll that’s left is to find someone deserving of your Valentine’s cross stitch creation and make their day! Tag us and Sally in your projects on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Oh and subscribe to Mollie Makes to give us a bit of loving too.




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