Valentine’s Day gift for gals and pals: Felt squirrel brooch

Valentines Day gift ideas - Felt squirrel brooch final

Makers, let’s take over Valentine’s Day and make handmade gifts for our BFFs ’cause they deserve it. Having a GALentine’s night? Gather your scrap fabrics and felt – those Liberty remnants, too – and stitch up this cute squirrel brooch, designed by The Felted Fox, over a glass of bubbly.

These brooches make great gifts for kids, too. Here’s Nicole on how she came to making these critters…

“When I first started to sew, every piece of fabric seemed important. After each project I would end up with a pile of scrap fabric that I just couldn’t bring myself to throw out. I knew that I could use the fabric for something, but I just didn’t know what! I eventually created these squirrel pins from my leftover felt to give to the little people in my life. Each pin uses about a 3” x 6” piece of felt. If you have larger pieces of felt, you could easily enlarge the pattern to create adorable squirrel pillows for your child’s bed.”

You will need:
The Felted Fox squirrel template
Grey felt
White felt
Grey, white and red thread
Toy stuffing
Brooch pin or safety pin

Please note: this pattern is for domestic use only and cannot be used commercially or sold.

Valentines Day gift ideas - Felt squirrel brooch
Step 1
Print pattern and cut out templates.

Step 2
Cut felt according to template.

Step 3
Sew the white cheek piece onto the face.

Step 4
With right sides facing, sew the top and sides of head – do not sew the ears or the bottom of head yet.

Valentines Day gift ideas - Felt squirrel brooch - steps 4-6
Valentines Day gift ideas - Felt squirrel brooch - steps 7-8
Step 5
Turn felt right side out and stitch the eyes, nose, mouth, a few running stitches across forehead and little hearts on ears.

Step 6
Stitch around the edge of the ears and trim any excess.

Valentines Day gift ideas - Felt squirrel brooch final

Step 7
Stuff the squirrel head with toy stuffing and sew the bottom closed.

Step 8
Stitch the brooch pin to the back of the squirrel’s head.

And you’re done! Give these to your little ones on Valentine’s Day, and, if you have the time, make extras for them to share with their BFF’s.

For more sewing tutorials and crafting inspiration, head over to The Felted Fox. Nicole has also released her first pop icon doll pattern, the 80s-era Madonna, at her Etsy store. Soon she’ll release patterns for her David Bowie doll, Purple Rain Prince and much more, so stay tuned. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.