Buyer's guide: Valentine's Day gifts for her

Valentine's Day gifts for her

Any excuse to go shopping… We bring you the best Valentine’s Day gifts for herValentine's Day gifts for her

We’ve scoured the virtual globe for our favourite Valentine’s Day gifts for her: that special lady in your life

[Top row, left to right] 1. Mix your own perfume? Yes, please! With three scents to choose from, Tokyo Milk offers ‘recipes’ for various homemade fragrances. Tokyo Milk mix and match perfume set, No.31. 2. Little bit in love with these fingerless gloves, by Yastikizi, Etsy.

[Middle row, left to right] 3. Coffee lovers, unite! A handmade, heart-shaped scoop gets our pulse racing, by Beehive Kitchenware, Etsy. 4. Sweets for your sweet: these homemade, elderflower marshmallows are delicious and fragrant. By ZukrBoutique, Etsy. 5. As Serge Gainsbourg once said to Jane Birkin, ‘je t’aime’. Let your jewellery do the talking, Je T’aime necklace, The Angry Weather, Etsy.

[Bottom row, left to right] 6. No, not THAT kind of ring! Karen Walker’s diddy little heart ring is a sweet and subtle way to show you care. Karen Walker ring, Found, Bath. 7. ‘I carry your heart with me’ wrote e.e.cummings. Perhaps he was thinking of this couple’s keyring, by Nastalgame, Etsy.

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