Video: 12 days of crochet: Magic Ring [Day 7]

How to crochet video: Magic Ring

Magic Ring

Hold the yarn in your hand and wrap the working (long) end around your forefinger twice (cross them at the bottom). Insert your hook in the ring: under the first piece of yarn and over the second, and turning your hook towards you.

Then wrap the yarn round your hook and make a chain stitch to secure the ring.

Then work the necessary stitches for your first round.

One way to complete the ring is to pick up the front part of the first stitch you made and pull it through the loop on your hook, then ch1 to finish.

Watch the video to see how it’s done…

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  • Veronica Grey

    I think I must be very stupid but I can’t work out how to make the 2nd,3rd,4th etc. stitches on the magic ring. I’ve played the magic ring piece over and over again; I’ve tried following the film and the words but I keep getting a chain not a ring. I’m very new to crochet. What should I be doing to get a ring of stitches? I want to make the mandala in issue 92.

  • Veronica Grey

    After several hours, and a lot of starting again and showing my mother the video, I think I’ve got it.