Video: 5 minute beehive hair tutorial

What’s your favourite twist on the 60s beehive? We take a look at the best modern revamps of the hairdo and watch Carrie’s how-to video for trying the style ourselves

Video: 5 minute beehive hair

The beehive was designed by hairstylist Margaret Vinci Heldt for Modern Beauty Shop magazine. Her brief was to create a hairstyle that would sum up the 60s. Inspired by a hat she owned shaped much like a fez, Margaret created what we now know as the beehive.

We may not see the vintage hairstyle in all its splendor these days, but our colour-chalked hair, ombré tresses and bohemian headscarves add a twist that make vintage dos more accessible. Learn how to style a beehive with Carrie’s video tutorial above or visit her on Wish Wish Wish for the full step-by-step.

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