Video: DIY dip dye cushion tutorial

Ah, don’t you just love that moment when we can all finally open every window, let the breeze and sunshine wash over our home and enjoy its natural cleansing qualities? Get ready for a springtime overhaul with Oh My Days‘ DIY dip dye tutorial.

Use the method in this video tutorial to dye plain cotton sheets, tea towels, t-shirts and – well almost anything you fancy, really.

Video: How to dip dye


• Rubber gloves
• Plastic bucket
• Wooden spoon
• Teaspoon
• Small glass
• Warm water
• Cold water
• Iron


• 2 tsp Soda Ash
• 1 tsp Urea
• 6 tsp salt
• 1tsp Procion Dye
• 1 white cotton cushion cover

Step 1

Fill the plastic bucket with the cold water

Step 2
Pour the warm water in a small glass, add the procion dye and gently stir. Add the urea to the same glass and gently stir. Add this mixture to the cold water in the plastic bucket and stir with a wooden spoon. Pour warm water into a small glass

Add 6 teaspoons of salt and stir. Add the salt water to the bucket and stir again with the wooden spoon. Add more warm water to a small glass and combine with 2 tsps of soda ash. Add to the bucket and stir once more with the wooden spoon.

Step 3
Take the white cushion cover and place 1/3 of it in the bucket of dye, drape the rest of the cover of the side of the bucket. Give the dye a quick stir with the wooden spoon and leave for 20 minutes, checking half way through. After 20 minutes is up carefully remove the cushion cover from the dye, letting it drip for a few seconds. Put the cushion cover on a 40-degree wash cycle in your washing machine and hang dry.

Step 4
Iron the cushion cover and stuff with a cushion pad.

Step 5
Enjoy your new cushion!
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