Video: DIY hair scrunchie

Make your own hair scrunchie with a DIY video from Boat People Boutique. Love or hate ’em, the hair scrunchie has found a comfortable spot on high street shelves – right next to over-sized gem earrings and crimping irons

Video: How to make a hair scrunchie

Okay, admit it; who loves the scrunchie? Here in the Mollie Makes office, team members are rocking 80s and 90s hair ties all the time! But we are, however, divided on the scrunchie subject; some loving the velvety trend teamed with dungarees or gem-emblazoned jumpers, while others wish the hair scrunchie were banished forever along with the curtain fringe, shoulder pads and abstract-print biker shorts.

But whatever your verdict on the hair scrunchie we think you’ll agree they’re incredibly easy to make. So if you want to rock a power ponytails (ah yeah!) or need scrap-busting tutorials, take a look at the DIY hair scrunchie video by Boat People Boutique above.

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Scrunchie lovecurated by Mollie Makes on Etsy

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Want a fashion flashback? Take a look at our Scrunchie Love board on Etsy (click the image above for more beauties). What’s your favourite 80s-90s item? We’d like to know. Leave your answer in the comments below