Video: Simple DIY tea towel tutorial

Make your own zesty DIY tea towels with Jonna Saarinen’s video tutorialWant to design and print your own tea towels? Make a stack of fresh kitchen linen using this step-by-step video tutorial by textile designer, Jonna Saarinen.

As well as adding a burst of colour to your kitchen, a handmade tea towel is a great gift idea for new neighbours, friends and even make a lovely present for Mum on Mother’s Day. Present your handmade gift by carefully wrapping a batch of warm biscuits in your DIY tea towel, tie with baker’s twine and add a little note to complete your thoughtful present.

For an easy recipe, turn to page 61 of Mollie Makes 38 to see our tasty jam-filled heart biscuits

Video: How to print your own tea towel

• 2 paint brushes
• Roll of card
• Scissors
• 2 bowls
• 2 spoons
• Iron
• Hair dryer
• Pencil

• Small rectangular pieces of wood
• Sheet of foam
• Roll of cardboard
• Plain white tea towel
• Spray mount
• Block printing inks


Step 1
Place a small rectangular piece of wood on the sheet of foam, draw around it with a pencil and cut out this shape. Trim the edges of the foam to form a diamond shape with rounded edges. Stick the foam shape onto the small rectangular piece of wood using spray mount to create your stamp.


Step 2
Roll out the cardboard and place the plain white tea towel on top. Put your block printing inks into two separate bowls, give each colour a good stir with a spoon. Use a paintbrush to apply the ink evenly to the foam stamp. Start printing your tea towel, reapplying the ink with the paintbrush after each stamp.

After you have finished with your first colour, dry the ink with a hairdryer. Next repeat the process with the second colour. You can experiment as much as you like with your own design, try overlapping the two colours for an interesting and unique effect. Go over the ink once more with the hairdryer.


Step 3
Leaving the tea towel on the card, iron over the ink to fix the design.

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