5 lessons on letting go by Emily Katz

Queen of modern macramé Emily Katz discovered her true passion after her first business went bankrupt. We learn 5 tips on letting go from the woman behind Modern Macrame

Modern Macrame Emily Katz lessons on letting go and well being

Emily Katz’s love affair with macramé began in 2009 on a trip to see her estranged mother. Her fashion label had gone bankrupt and she was looking to reinvent herself, but unsure how. You can read the full Q&A with Emily in Mollie Makes 58 to find out more about her trip and her career path, also the images of her home and studio are incredible, take a peek. Right now Emily hopes you can learn something from her own experiences starting with these five lessons on letting go…

1. Travel light

Why are you holding on in the first place? So many times we think holding on to the things in our lives is so important. What if I need this again later? The truth is we don’t. I have travelled around for a month with a tiny suitcase and had everything I need.

2. Trust yourself

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” Anais Nin.

I once graffitied one of Anais Nin’s quotes on the bathroom wall of my high school. I realised that being myself was the only way to be. Not everyone will like you, but I learned that this will always be true. If you are following your desires, your curiosity, or whatever moves you, it’s possible that you might come up against people who are not in alignment with you. Forget about them. It might be hard at first, but your people will find you. Authentic is best!

3. It’s okay to move forward

I have had to let go of friendships over the years. I have also been ‘let go’. As you grow and evolve as a person, sometimes people who you once spent a lot of time with don’t necessarily feel good to be around anymore. This is ok. It’s sad sometimes, and can hurt more deeply than a breakup, but I found that focusing my energy towards the friends and people who uplift me has helped with my wellbeing, work life, and has enabled me to really feel emotionally nourished.

4. Ditch the label

Deciding to go bankrupt in my fashion business was, at the time, the hardest thing I had ever done. Looking back now, it made space for newer, better things to come my way. I wish I had let go sooner. But at the time I was Emily Katz ‘the fashion designer’, and I was so attached to the identity that came with that. Letting it go and ‘failing’ was a metamorphosis that could not have happened in the same way if I had been afraid of letting it all go. I also knew that I was young, and by the time I turned 35 I would have a clean credit history if I played my cards right. So there wasn’t really anything to lose, and I am a much better business person and for it!

5. Make space for the new

Removing anything that no longer serves you will always open up space for more beautiful things to come into your life if that is what you are focusing your attention on. This can be clutter from your home or office, or ideas that don’t fit into your vision of a beautiful and successful future!

Modern Macrame Emily Katz beautiful 70s inspired home

Photography by Chantal Anderson

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