Meet Cratejoy favourite Bookishly, plus win a cash prize to start your craft business!*

We meet the founder of Bookishly’s Tea & Book Club subscription box, Louise Verity who talks us through selling a subscription box on Cratejoy. Plus, we’ve teamed up with Cratejoy to give away a cash prize to kick-start your business. Read on to get the details…

Tell us a bit about your Tea & Book Club subscription box

It’s really designed as a fun gift. Nearly all our customers buy it for someone else; someone they think will enjoy getting a vintage book and a cup of tea in the post! We’ve developed the packaging since we’ve launched, as people are more likely to share something that looks great online!

What inspired you to launch your subscription box?

I wanted to try a subscription product as they are very popular, and so we came up with something that suited my Bookishly brand. Tea and books seemed like a good match! We launched it on Cratejoy in autumn 2015 and it’s had a great response.

What are the benefits of selling through Cratejoy?

Cratejoy makes it easy for us to offer a recurring subscription instead of packages for a set number of months. The recurring payment is good for particular markets; for example, it’s what the #bookstagram community on Instagram expect.

What are your tips for launching a subscription business?

Plan, but don’t spend too long planning, or you’ll never get started. Make the packages look nice, but don’t worry too much about branded packaging to start with. Have an idea of how you’ll scale up your model too. You might not mind tying ribbon around 30 packages each month, but what about 300?


Image © Bookishly

Win money to kickstart your subscription business

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Cratejoy provides makers and artisans with a platform for them to start selling products they make as a subscription. Cratejoy is rewarding two people who have the best live store and best subscription business idea (for those who haven’t yet launched their store). Cratejoy, along with a specialist judging panel, will select the winners in accordance with the selection criteria, and they will be announced in Mollie Makes.

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