Wool Week: 7 knitting tips from WATG

Wool and the Gang knitting tips

We’ve got another treat for you this Wool Week – Wool and the Gang’s (WATG) top knitting tips for beginners.

Wool and the Gang knitting tips

1. Learn to knit with chunky wool

We always recommend that beginners start with chunky wool, like our Crazy Sexy Wool, for maximum warmth and speedy progress. It’s really satisfying when your project grows quickly.

Wool and the Gang knitting tips

2. Start small

Make your first project a snood or scarf. They’re small, easy makes that you’ll be more likely to finish.
Wool and the Gang knitting tips

3. Go for garter stitch

Garter stitch is one for total beginners, and good for those who love something simple too. It’s easy to knit and creates a ‘wave’ effect. You can use it to knit chunky blankets, scarves and jumpers.

Wool and the Gang knitting tips

4. Count your stitches

For beginners, a handy tip is to count the number of stitches after each row to make sure you haven’t accidentally created new stitches.

Wool and the Gang knitting tips

5. Don’t forget your leftovers

We encourage people to slow down and appreciate the basics in life, move away from fast fashion, and realise the value of clothes. One way of doing this is to use your leftover wool and start some stash-busting projects. How about a patchwork woolly blanket made from yarn scraps? We’ve teamed up with Knit Aid to show you how to do this.

Wool and the Gang knitting tips

6. Take care of your wool

To keep your woolly jumpers extra soft, you need to give them a little extra love when it comes to storing and cleaning them. Keep fluffy yarn in the freezer to stop it shedding natural fibres. When it comes to washing, you need lukewarm water and wool detergent (our favourite is Soak). For more info, have a look at our How To Wash Your Wool guide.

Wool and the Gang knitting tips

7. Get involved

Don’t forget to get involved in the knitting community, whether that’s joining your local knit gang, or an online making community. It’s a great way to share your wool tips, progress and get to know your fellow knitters!

Wool and the Gang is a DIY fashion brand that sells sustainably sourced yarn, kits and knitting tools. Keep an eye on their website for exciting new yarns and projects in collaboration with their sister company DMC Embroidery. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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