Yoga mat bag sewing pattern

Arrive to your next class cool, calm and collected with this effortless yoga mat bag sewing pattern.

Yoga mat bag sewing pattern | Final

You’ll need:
• 1m fabric (plus 1m of lining fabric if your outer fabric is thin)
• 1m long cord (5mm thick)
• Pencil
• Measuring tape
• Safety pin
• Ruler
• Other sewing notions

How to sew a yoga mat bag

Yoga mat bag sewing pattern | Step 1

Step 1
Cut out: 71 x 51cm for the bag body, 81 x 10cm for the strap and 15cm diameter circle (circumference of 51cm) for the bag base. If your fabric is thin, cut out the same shapes from lining fabric, sew shapes wrong sides together using a 3mm seam allowance.

Yoga mat bag sewing pattern | Step 2

Step 2
Fold the strap fabric piece in half along the width, right sides facing. Sew a straight stitch along the long edge and one short edge using a 1cm seam allowance. Use a knitting needle to turn. Press and top stitch the sewn edge with 6mm seam allowance. Set aside.

Yoga mat bag sewing pattern | Step 3

Step 3
Serge/zigzag stitch one short edge of the large fabric piece. Fold and tuck a 5mm narrow flap of fabric in the top left and right hand corners, pin and straight stitch. Fold a 2.5cm hem (tuck edge under), top stitch 3mm in leaving a 2cm opening for the cord.

Yoga mat bag sewing pattern | Step 4

Step 4
Pin strap to right side of long edge: 12.7cm from bottom and 15.2cm from top (make sure it’s not twisted). Fold widthways, right sides facing (strap should be inside). Straight stitch from base of opening hem, use 1cm seam allowance (double stitch over straps).

Yoga mat bag sewing pattern | Step 5

Step 5
Find the quarter marks of bag and bag base (fold in half, and half again, pinning the creases round the edge). Match points and pin pieces together. Sew straight stitch around circumference, work slowly. Zigzag stitch raw edges, turn.

Yoga mat bag sewing pattern | Step 6

Step 6
Knot your cord to a safety pin. Insert into bag opening hem and feed through. Knot the ends to prevent cord slipping back into the hem.


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  • I just made this with my sister yesterday <3 I am trying to teach her to sew and this was a great beginner project that we loved doing together. Thank you for posting!