Fashion DIY: How to make a belt

Weave a little magic into your outfit with our fashion DIY belt tutorial

Take fashion into your own hands this summer with our DIY belt tutorial! Braid it multi-coloured for an eye-catching statement or choose muted tones for an elegant accent.

You’ll need:
• 4 strips of stretch jersey fabric measuring 2.5x150cm (cut on the cross-grain so the strips are stretchy)
• A rectangle of fabric 7x5cm

Step 1: Cut fabric strips along the cross-grain 2.5cm wide. You might find it easier to get a straight edge if you fold the fabric in half (selvage to selvage) before you cut. Pull on the strips so the edges curl under and you are left with ‘cords’.

Step 2: Bunch the lengths together and fold them in half, forming a half-hitch knot at the middle fold. Try to make a neat, flat knot. The loop should be about 2cm and you’ll have eight strands. If making a multi-coloured belt, pair up the coloured strands.

Step 3: Braid sequence: A: place 8 under 7 and over 1; B: place 8 over 5; C: place 2 under 3 and over 8; D: place 1 over 4; E: place 7 under 6 and over 1; F: Repeat step 2-5, until required length (the circumference of your waist) then stitch ends together and trim.

Step 4: Fold fabric piece in half along the width, right sides together. Stitch the length (6.5mm seam allowance); flatten the loop with seam in the middle; stitch across the top; snip corners and turn out. Place tab over platted end, fold under a 1cm hem and whipstitch.

Step 5: Sew hook and eye clasp to the belt. To do this, make sure belt is not twisted before sewing the hook to the middle of the tab (underside) and eye to the back of the knot. Tip: double your thread to secure the stitch.

Step 6: To wear the belt, put it around your waist and thread the tab through the loop. Latch the hook and eye then arrange the loops over the tab to get a nice neat finish.

This tutorial was originally featured in Gathered by Mollie Makes (issue 6), now available on iPhone and iPad

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