How to make tshirt yarn

How to make tshirt yarn -

Transform a tee into chunky crochet yarn (good for knits too) with this super-quick tutorial for hot to make tshirt yarn

How to make tshirt yarn -

Time to make t-shirt yarn!

What you’ll need:

All you need is a pair of scissors and a t-shirt without seams on the sides.

How to make tshirt yarn - step 1 -

Step 1 Lay your t-shirt out on a work surface. Cut a horizontal line directly under the sleeves. Also cut off the hem on the bottom of the shirt. You only need the middle section for this project. Discard the top and bottom pieces.

How to make tshirt yarn - step 2.1

How to make tshirt yarn - step 2.2 -


Step 2 Fold one side of the t-shirt towards to the other, leaving a 1-inch space at the top. Cut into strips (1-inches thick) – do not cut the space at the top.

How to make tshirt yarn -step 3 -

Step 3 Unfold the t-shirt so you can see the separate strips. Following the photo, begin cutting the strips diagonally across. Starting at the first strip, cut diagonally to the second strip. Repeat across.

How to make tshirt yarn - step 4 -

Step 4 Now that you have a single strip of t-shirt yarn, pull it through your hands to create the tube shape. This enables the edges to curl.

How to make tshirt yarn - step 5 -

Step 5 Keep pulling until it is all tube-shaped. Roll the t-shirt yarn into a ball and get knitting!

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This tutorial was created by One Sheepish Girl for Mollie Makes

  • byhandMam

    This absolutely did not work! I folded it up just like the picture and I got two sets of strips that looked more like cell bars and I was definitely NOT able to cut a continuous strip. I didn’t have random t shirts hanging around my house so I just wasted $10.

  • spinningfishwife

    Works perfectly for me!

  • Sparkle

    I love these very simple instructions that do not require additional, fancy equipment. Thanks for posting!

  • Stephanie

    None of your pictures are working! 🙁 I would love to have the visual with the written instructions. I am excited to try this myself.

  • Brenda

    That is the coolest method ever!

  • Hmmmmm…

    So do I cut the shirt so it isn’t two layers or no?

    • Catherine Lomax Martin

      No. If you cut the shirt so it is not two layers you will end up with a bunch of short strips not one continuous strip.