Make a customised patch pocket

Custom clothes with Uniqlo and Mollie Makes -

Add pockets and personality to a top, dress or tunic with vintage fabric and some cool, iron-on patches from Uniqlo

Custom clothes with Uniqlo and Mollie Makes - molliemakes.comYou’ll need:
• Clothing to customise (we chose this tunic from Uniqlo)
• Iron-on patches (the one we used was designed by Andrea Crews for Uniqlo)
• Fabric (we had some vintage pieces in our stash)
• Paper and pencil
• Pins
• Scissors
• Needle and matching thread (or sewing machine, if you have one)
• Hemming tape (optional)

Uniqlo and Mollie Makes - molliemakes.comStep 1: Choose some fabric that matches or complements the garment you’re attaching it to. We opted for a vintage patterned fabric to go with our caramel-coloured tunic dress. Meanwhile, our super-cute iron-on patch has been designed by Andrea Crews for Uniqlo.

Uniqlo upcycling tutorial –

Step 2: Decide where you’d like your pocket to go. Grab a pencil and paper and draw an outline of your pocket (don’t forget to leave at least a 1cm seam allowance around the outer edge). Cut the shape out from the paper and pin it securely onto your fabric. Now cut the shape out from the fabric.

Uniqlo and Mollie Makes tutorial -

Step 3: Fold and press the fabric (wrong sides together) in at least 1cm in around the whole of the outside edge of the fabric. Pin into place. Stitch around the pocket’s outer edge, being careful not to pull the thread too tight (to prevent the fabric from ruffling up). Snip out any mini triangles of excess fabric from the seam allowance – this will allow for a smoother finish when it’s attached to your garment.

Uniqlo upcycling project -

Step 4: Choose where you’d like your patch to sit on the garment and pin into place. Iron or sew the patch to the right side of your fabric. To attach the pocket, choose where you’d like to go, pin and then stitch into place. Alternatively, use hemming tape to secure it and stitch on top. Remember to leave the top part of the pocket open.

uniqlo tutorial -

Step 5: And that’s it! Your new pocket is now ready to store treats inside! We’re thinking pennies, pocket watches and maybe even a mini notebook and pen for scribbling ideas down when you’re out and about.