How to make a fabric coin purse

Bought your copy of Mollie Makes 72 in Tesco? Stitch our cute purse featuring a debut sewing box-inspired fabric by illustrator, Silkie Lloyd


You’ll need:

• The materials inside your fabric zip purse free gift in Mollie Makes 72 (only available to readers who bought the magazine from Tesco)
• 27cm of navy ric rac
• 9cm navy zip
• Heavy cotton fabric

How to make a fabric coin purse

Fabric coin purse pattern - step 1 - Mollie Makes

Step 1
Using the template provided, cut out two purse shapes from your fabric. Pin your zip face-down on one piece. Sew in place by hand or use a zipper foot on your machine. Open it out and press.

Fabric coin purse pattern - step - Mollie Makes

Step 2
Place your second piece of fabric over your zipper, right sides together. Sew as you did in step one. Open out, press and unzip part way.

Fabric coin purse pattern - step 3 - Mollie Makes

Step 3
Hand or machine tack your trim in place along the front edge of your purse. Fold your fabric in half, matching seams.


Step 4
Sew all the way around the outside edge. Turn your purse right sides out, pushing out the seam edges. Fill with coins!


Mollie Makes 72 is on sale 13 October.
Download the templates for this issue.

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