Correction: Crochet vase pattern, Mollie Makes 79

Pattern correction for the crochet vase cosy in Mollie Makes 79.

We’ve noticed a mistake in a pattern in Mollie Makes 79, the one with the crochet cosies on the cover. We apologise for the oversight. Here’s the correction for the large crochet cosy pattern we got wrong. Click to download the correct crochet chart here.

Mollie Makes 79 is on sale 27 April.
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  • Kate Blakemore

    Thought I was going mad, have started that jar cozy about 3 times before I realised the pattern must be wrong – ha ha! Just FYI, the zig zag pattern was described as being for the medium cosy in the mag. The one with the triangles & lines is for the large cosy I think?! Thanks for posting the correction tho, gonna give it another go tonight. 🙂