Correction: Macramé wall hanging, Mollie Makes 75

We’re feeling kinda sheepish: Mollie Makes 75, the one with the free macramé wall hanging kit, is on sale tomorrow and we’ve just noticed a mistake in the instructions. We apologise for the oversight. There should be 18 lengths (not 20) to weave and knot with once you’ve completed step 3. Below you’ll find the steps with corrections in bold.

Ready to give macramé it a try? Let’s go!


Step 3
Fold the 1.5m (591/8″) length so one side measures 50cm (19¾”) and the other side 1m (393/8″). Attach to your dowel on the left of the other strands as in Step 2, giving you 18 strands in total to work with.

Step 4
Lay the left longer strand across your other 17 strands from left to right. Using each of the 17 strands and following the guide on page 98, make a straight line of double half hitch knots directly below the attachment knots.

Step 5
Lay the longer strand back across your 17 strands, this time from right to left. Work a second line of double half hitch knots from right to left, 2.5cm (1″) down from the previous line.

Step 7
Next, you’ll need to work a square knot sequence from left to right over your 18 strands. Leaving the first strand to the side, take the next four strands and follow the guide on page 98 to make a square knot. Repeat this three more times across the remaining strands, leaving the last strand to one side.


mollie-makes-75-printAvailable from 5 January 2017 in all good newsagents, supermarkets, independent craft shops, or from our official online store. Sold out? Download the digital edition. Get it from Apple (search ‘Mollie Makes’ in the App Store), Google Play and Zinio.

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