DIY recipe card templates

Keep your favourite bakes safe on these easy-to-make recipe card template

Woohoo, it’s Pancake Day! The best day of the year, obvs. Had your first pancake yet? No? Well, The Simple Things have a yummy twist on the French classic Crêpe Suzette you won’t want to pass up! Make every day a baking day by storing treasured recipes on beautiful, embroidered cards designed by Meredith Crawford.

You could also bundle them up with a new kitchen gadget as a thoughtful, crafty gift for a friend.


You will need:
Embroidery floss in a variety of colours
Embroidery needle

Step 1
Print and cut out your recipe card template. Poke holes evenly around the design with an embroidery needle.

Step 2
Thread the embroidery needle and bring it up through one of the design’s holes.

Step 3
Bring the thread back down through the next dot and repeat backstitch all the way around the recipe card. Tie off with a knot and weave in ends.

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