Mollie Makes issue 9 templates




  • Rupert Gorgeous

    Hello Mollie Makes,
    While I love the magazine, imagine my frustration at finally having the time to make the rainbow quilt, ordering all the materials, only to find the templates removed from your website!
    Why do you do this?
    I learned of your magazine and bought all the back copies on my iPad. Now I discover that I cannot make anything requiring a template beyond the last few issues.
    Grateful you send me a copy of the cloud template from issue 9.
    Are you reconsidering your approach? I don’t get much time to sew, and I won’t be the only one looking for old templates, I’m sure.

    • Nina

      Hi RG,

      How are you? We’re really sorry about the confusion. The templates are still up here :)

      It seems that when we updated our website the transfer for PDFs seem problematic, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      Here’s the links to issue 9′s templates

      Best wishes,
      Mollie Makes