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Make your own clothes and accessories with Mollie Makes Sewing. Click to download your sewing patterns for the brand new sewing magazine by Mollie Makes.

Mollie Makes Sewing - Audrey dress

The team behind Mollie Makes brings you 132 pages of ideas for sewing your own collection of dresses, skirts, jackets and accessories. 14 must-have projects with easy-to-follow instructions, from delicate Liberty lawn knickers to a twirly skater dress from The Great British Sewing Bee team. With a focus on independent designers we showcase the very best in up-to-date dressmaking patterns. Plus we take a peek behind the scenes into the lives of our favourite sewists.

Click the links below to download your Mollie Makes Sewing patterns.

Mollie Makes Sewing Patterns

[Clockwise] • Lacy Skirt • A-Line Skirt • Jeans-style Skirt • Long & Short Pyjamas •

Mollie Makes Sewing Patterns 2

[Clockwise] • Quilt-Print Dress • Sassy Skater Dress • Zipped Jacket • Zipped Jacket optional collar • Mini Knickers •

Detachable collar template
Kimono sewing pattern

Tips for how to print digital patterns

What will you be making? Join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter using #molliemakers and send us snaps of your sewing projects and crafty adventures – we’d love to see!

Available now in all good newsagents, supermarkets, or from our official online store. Download the digital edition. Get it from Apple Newsstand (under ‘Specials’ in the Mollie Makes app) and Zinio (search Mollie Makes Sewing).

  • Karyn

    Thank you for the downloads but it would be nice to see the pics of what we are downloading first 🙂

    • ninarcamacho

      Hi Karyn, we’ve updated that post with images now 🙂

  • Is it possible to just download this issue? The link to the Apple store is for a subscription and I don’t see a link for this special sewing edition.

    • ninarcamacho

      Hi Heather, Mollie Makes Sewing is available to by within the Mollie Makes app under ‘Specials’ xx

  • Sian

    How do I print the pattern? all I get is a small part of the pattern from the middle

  • Jane Miller

    Really frustrating that having bought the magazine it’s taken me several attempts to find that this is where the downloads are. Even more frustrating to find that there are no instructions as to how to print out and that the patterns aren’t the usual sort of PDFs which can be printed on a home printer and then taped together

    • Nina

      Same for me. I won’t buy this magazine again because of these issues.

    • ninarcamacho

      Hi Jane, we’re making changes to the templates and will update the page shortly. Warm wishes, Nina

    • Hi Jane, the templates for this have all been updated now. Sorry about the delay. Warm regards, Team Mollie Makes

  • Emma F.

    How to get the issue delivered outside uk?

    • ninarcamacho

      Hi Emma, Mollie Makes Sewing is a UK edition only. Psst… may you can ask a friend in the UK to post it for you 😉

      • bindi

        I am selling it in my shop in New Zealand. Shop around – you never know where you may find it 🙂

      • Carrie Reed

        Because we all have friends in the UK….right? I really miss the Mollie Makes US edition. Too bad it didn’t work out. I get the UK version in place of it but it was nice to read about people and places from the west coast where I live. I just started sewing this year and could use a good sewing mag. Not really happy with any of the ones I’ve found here. I love Mollie Makes….the format, the little extras, the more “modern” patterns, content, etc. Would love to see what their sewing magazine would be like.

  • Laura

    Hi!! i can’t print properly de download, can u let us know some intruccions? or can you do the patterns as PDF’s?? I ask my friend who lives in London buy it for me and bring it to Barcelona for xmas and now i’m not able to do anything 🙁

  • Cova

    Would it be possible to have all the pdfs as A4 printable pages, please? Some of them are, but not the Zipped jacket or the pyjamas. Other readers have pointed out the same issue but I see there’s no response to it. Buying the magazine to find out that you can’t print the patterns at home it’s frustrating.

    • ninarcamacho

      Hi there, we’re looking into this now and will update the page with the new templates shortly x

    • This has been updated now 🙂

      • Lizzie

        I’ve just tried to download the A-line skirt, but it is still only a single sheet of A4, rather than the full-size pattern. Could this be amended, please? The patterns are really the whole point of buying the magazine! Thanks 🙂

        • Hi Lizzie, the templates for this have all been updated now. Sorry about the delay. Warm regards, Team Mollie Makes

          • Lizzie

            Thanks for uploading this, Nina! 🙂

  • In case it helps anyone – for the patterns that haven’t been tiled I’ve managed to get the patterns printed using the poster mode (with no overlap) within adobe but the test squares are slightly too small. about 9.5cm instead of 10cm. This is close enough for me to risk it but if you do the same please be careful of the sizing you choose

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  • Karen

    I echo these comments – really frustrating to even find this page let alone the patterns not be able to be printed correctly. I still cannot find the pattern for the Ombre kimono on page 119 – anyone know?

    • ninarcamacho

      Hi Karen, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with finding the kimono tutorial. If you search for ‘kimono’ on our blog it’s the first post on the page: Happy making xx

  • cflops

    I’m finding it really difficult to print the jeans style skirt pattern at the correct scale. I have printed it out on one sheet A3 size piece of paper and will have to faff about enlarging it until the 10 x 10 square is the correct size. Is there an easier way???????????????? I won’t be buying the magazine again. Easier to just buy a paper pattern!

  • cflops

    I’ve managed to print out the ‘Jean’s style skirt’ using instructions from Tilly & the Buttons here – Use ‘poster’ setting to get it to tile. Although after paying £7.99 for this magazine I would expect not to have to figure it out myself!

    • Thanks for sharing the link – I’ve added this to the post as I’m sure others will find it useful. Thanks again, Nina

  • Stephanie

    I really love this magazine, is this a one off magazine or will it become a regular one? How often will it come out?

  • Tahlia Denny

    Just printed out several of these patterns with no problem.Don’t know if this mag is new, but it’s new to my newsstand, thus to me. I Love it. So, question, where do I go to subscribe to Molly Makes Sewing?

    • Hi Tahlia, Mollie Makes Sewing is a one-off special, but we’re likely to do another within the next year or so. Keep you eyes peeled. In the meantime we have a new sister magazine called Simply Sewing launching in February. Take a look …

  • Sandy

    An expensive magazine, bought because I wanted this pattern only. But how do I change these small pattern pieces into full size patterns? Also where is the pattern for the collar and pocket?

    • Hi Sandy, the templates and links for this have all been updated now. Sorry about the delay. Warm regards, Team Mollie Makes

  • suzy

    Ordered a copy of this on 6th January and not received it yet. I emailed the publisher and not had a response. Is there a problem that I should be aware of?

  • Pille

    How will I find “a detachable collar” from your templates?

    • You can search for “collar” in our blog search bar. We’ve added a link within the post to make it easier x

  • penelope

    I tried to print off the mini knickers pattern, but all I get is what is shown in the centre of my computer screen, just a tiny bit of the pattern. How can I print this off properly?

    • Hi there, we’ve changed the template to be an A4 pritnable. Hope this helps x

    • Hi Penelope, we’ve updated the knickers pattern to an A4 printable format. Hope this helps x

  • emmagrealy

    The pattern for the a-line skirt is still not in a printable format. Help please!

    • Hi emmagrealy, the templates for this have all been updated now. Sorry about the delay. Warm regards, Team Mollie Makes

  • S Hughes

    Hi, the pyjamas pattern is still not in a printable format!

    • Hi there, we’ve updated the PJs pattern now as an A4 printable x

  • amanda stinton

    Any update on when these patterns will be available as printable A4 pdfs?? Its really frustrating to have bought the magazine and then not be able to print the patterns at home as expected (if this wasn’t going to be an option it should have been clearly stated in the magazine!) There are some lovely garments featured so its really disappointing no to be able to make them easily.

    • Hi Amanda, the templates for this have all been updated now. Sorry about the delay. Warm regards, Team Mollie Makes

  • Martha

    I just bought the magazine here in beautiful Tennessee.(Barnes and Noble) I LOVE the patterns and can’t wait to try them all.

  • Barbara

    Hi! Can we also download the pattern for the cute slippers on the magazine cover? Thanks.
    Regards, Barbara

    • Lauren

      I am looking for the slipper pattern too- where is it?

      • Hey Lauren & Barbara,
        It’s in the mag on page 126. You could trace it onto and A4 sheet of paper if you don’t want to cut up the mag x

    • Nina Camacho

      Hi Barbara, you don’t need templates for the booties. We have instruction for making your own template in the magazine 🙂 x

  • Ginny

    HI there, i run a drop in sewing cafe and one of my students today asked for advice on the jean style skirt from the above title. She is making it independently and got stuck at the fly zip. In the instructions it just says ‘insert zip’ with no further guidance as far as we could see. We did work it out but i wondered if we had missed something? Is there a link to instructions on how to insert the fly? She is an experienced sewer so if there are no further instructions I think a beginner would have no hope. Please advise, Many thanks

    • Penny Reynolds

      I am having exactly the same problem and am tearing my hair out trying to work it all out!

  • Ellen Barth

    I have posted on Facebook and Twitter trying to get some help with a pattern from Mollie Makes 35, the Polar Bear Pal. I have read the directions and looked at the pattern too many times. I makes reference to “A” and “B” as places to leave open and there are no “A” or “B” on the pattern. Can anyone help me with this. I also find the directions to be very confusing and have been sewing for over 40 years.

  • emmagrealy

    Question about the bust measurement for the sizing of the quilt print dress…is it around the bust or just across the front??

  • Betty

    On page 59, as part of your ‘favourite skirts’ feature you mention the ‘Charlotte Skirt’ from ByHandLondon. This isn’t the skirt that’s in the picture – would you be able to state where the skirt/pattern is from as I really like it!

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  • SweetPea

    Where are the slipper patterns please, am I being silly as I can’t see the link anywhere?

    • Hi SweetPea – do you mean the baby slippers? It’s in the mag on page 126 x

  • Bianca

    Are the printed pattern size U.K or U.S sizing? Is there a measurement guide for bust/waist?

    • Hi Biana – please let me know which pattern you’re referring to and I’ll try to help you or put you in touch with the pattern designer x

  • Juliet

    Hi, I have just bought this magazine in Australia and have managed to download some patterns, but the quilt dress pattern and the patterns following this pattern will not open. Is there a problem with these patterns opening?

    • Hi Juliet – it works fine our side. Do you still need help?

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  • Melissa

    Can you please start putting in the patterns in the magazines? Its a hassle having to use the internet and printing then trying to sort the pattern out. For the price we are paying for the magazine , I would think at least a few patterns would be included in the actual magazine

    • Hi Melissa, thanks for your feedback. We’ll pass the message on to the editorial team x

  • Raj Nagra

    Hi, love the magazine but I think there is a bit of info missing from one of the pattern pieces for the skater dress… Is the front bodice piece supposed to be cut on the fold of the fabric, because neither the pattern piece or instructions say to do so. I ask because I am at the sewing stage and the instructions do not say anywhere to sew the two front bodice pieces together (which would create a seam down the centre of the front bodice) which is what I would have to do with the pattern cut out the way it is…
    I’m going to cut the pattern piece out again, on the fold and see if this is how it is actually supposed to be, I thought I would mention it here though incase anyone has the same confusion.

    • Hi Raj – thanks for this! The pattern was taken from The Great British Sewing Bee book (first edition) so we’ll be in touch with them to get the correction if you’re still stuck x

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  • This has been updated – sorry i didn’t let you know earlier x