Get Thready for Mind’s Christmas Crafternoon

Mind's Crafternoon

Here at Mollie Makes, mental health is a topic close to our hearts and we believe that crafting can help. In fact, we recently wrote a blog post on it (you can read it here). We’re so pleased that the charity Mind is holding a Crafternoon!

What’s Mind’s Crafternoon all about?

This Christmas, Mind’s Crafternoon is all about the power of paper: make beautiful cards, tags, decorations and wrapping paper to get you ready for Christmas and support a good cause at the same time!

So on the first of December clear the kitchen table, lay out your materials, get in some yummy nibbles, and you’ll be all set to join fellow crafters up and down the country hosting your own Crafternoon. You might want to invite friends and family, get crafty at work, or reach out to your local community – whatever you choose, the Crafternoon team at Mind are there with ideas and practical advice to help you make sure your guests have a fun afternoon that’s worth paying good money for.

You can get a Crafternoon kit from Mind today which has all you need to get started planning your Crafternoon, including recipe cards, crafty templates, and decorations.

What’s the kit?

We’ve got a sneak preview of the three fabulous new paper craft templates in your kit below:

  1. Paper wreaths. These beautiful wreaths are guaranteed not to drop pine needles on the floor and will last the whole festive season! We love adding some glittery leaves into the mix using festive papers or sequins. Or, for something a bit different why not try using book pages or music sheets? Make one at your Crafternoon so your home is Christmas ready from 1st December.

Crafternoon Cards

  1. Finger print cards. Who doesn’t love receiving a handmade card? These cute finger print cards are easy to make and ideal for a Crafternoon – suitable for little fingers too if you’re having younger guests along! Or if you’re feeling fancy you and your guests can give our cheat’s calligraphy a go to make your cards extra special and personalised.

Crafternoon paper stars

  1. Origami stars for your tree. These origami stars are addictive to make! Once you’ve got the hang of it you and your Crafternoon guests won’t be able to stop. Change up your papers and themes to make the perfect tree decorations no matter what your colour theme, or even thread some cotton through them to make a stunning chain of stars.

Mind Crafternoon

Crafternoon is the perfect chance to share your love of crafting with others and start ticking off your Christmas to do list on 1st December.  Get your Crafternoon kit today from